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Irene Lynch

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Local Watercolorist and Oil Painter

Irene Lynch’s artwork reflects her lifetime spent soaking in the unmatched beauty and inspiration of her home, Cape Cod. Irene’s passion for travel has led to her development of her watercolor and ink collection. After an unforgettable summer sketch booking class in Florence, Italy in 2014, Irene began to develop her signature watercolor and ink style. As part of the class, she was required to purchase a small set of watercolor paints and pens. Upon returning home, she found herself carrying around this same set to the beaches, to work, and everywhere in between. These early works have become founding pieces in her collection today. In Irene’s final year studying Studio Arts at University of Massachusetts of Amherst in 2016, she found herself gravitating toward painting familiar landscapes.

The portability of her watercolor and ink pen have allowed Irene to continue her creative studies and grow her portfolio throughout her travels; but her favorite place to paint is while relaxing in the summer sun on her favorite Cape Cod beaches.

Irene loosely paints with watercolor and details with pen, taking a unique illustrative approach to Cape Cod landscapes. She explores color, texture, and embraces the freedom in using watercolor as her medium. Her paintings welcome viewers into familiar scenes to relive their favorite memories. Irene paints from her heart to reach yours.

Irene now offers an array of artwork, ranging from fine oil paintings (including a 6 foot wooden whale as part of the annual Art in the Park event), to her beloved coloring book series which are derived from her original watercolor paintings.

Irene’s passion for painting has been given greater meaning through connections her work has introduced. Community and The Arts play a huge role in both her personal and professional life. Irene is excited to announce and introduce her newest accomplishment - Sunset Artist Studios! Sunset Artist Studios is a place to cultivate community and celebrate creativity.

Sunset Artist Studios was founded in June 2023 as a new community arts space for Cape Cod. Irene bought and renovated this run down campaign office and turned it into the perfect home for not only her own art business, but she also provides rented studio space to local artists. Alongside the working artist studios, the space welcomes the community at large to attend a variety of art classes run by local artists. It has been an absolute dream to welcome the community and get creative and be inspired together!

Irene Lynch’s collection can be found year-round on her website www.irenelynchart.com and her Instagram found at @irenelynchart. Irene was featured in Cape Cod Life’s 2018 edition of Emerging Artists.

Irene will be in residency with the Trap Shed Program in Provincetown this summer on MacMillan Pier. From June - September, you can find Irene's work seven days a week, 11-6 in her own art shack. Irene's work is also available Saturdays 11-3 at Sunset Artist Studios (May - December) or by appointment.

Irene frequently is involved with events held by Provincetown Trap Program, Arts Barnstable, and Truro Vineyards.


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