My Story

I don't have the type of story where I left my corporate job to venture into a creative career. I've always been painting, but what changed was I began to share my work. While it would appear that my story starts in 2020 when I formally made the decision to turn my painting into a full time job, I would be remiss to address the 10+ years of painting that led me to that point. (Don't worry I'll summarize....)

In my second year of college at UMass Amherst, I nearly changed my major away from Art. My mind changed back when I poured all my savings into a summer art program in Florence, Italy. (Yes, I see the "Italian art getaway revival" cliche!) A sketch-booking class during summer afternoons in this romantic city was exactly what it took for me to feel inspired to continue my studies. Despite my concentration in Oil Painting, this class is what introduced me to the joy of watercolors! For one month I filled a sketchbook with drawings with my little portable watercolor set, a brush that had a capsule of water on top, and a collection of ink pens. Inspired by the street artists around me and the materials at hand, I unknowingly began to develop my artistic style you see today.

After returning home, I spent my afternoons on the beach painting before waitressing shifts. I used these same materials and painted the landscape around me. One day at the restaurant, I left my sketchbook behind on shift, and some of the other waitresses found it. They approached me by asking if they could buy some paintings. "Buy?!" I was so flattered, and offered them the low rate of $10 per original... !

It was with this newfound confidence that I began to spend a few days per summer as a vendor at the Wellfleet Flea Market. A successful day meant a few sales, many compliments, some new connections, and an afternoon simply sharing my art on the hot tar and under a boiling sun. It was an incredible experience putting myself and my art out there!

Soon after, the restaurant where I worked allowed me to hang my art on the walls. As I was heading out the door with an arm full of original paintings, my mother refused to let me leave. She begged me to wait a moment, and she would research how to make art prints. Thank you Mom! As it turned out, this was a big growing moment for my business which now revolves around my art print collection.

After graduating college I spent the next four years traveling the world! I have lived and travelled to many different states and countries; San Diego, Hawaii, Bali, around Europe, and I spent a lot of time in Manchester, England. I was often pulled over in the  security line to inspect the many art supplies in my bags. During this time, I sketched my way around, calling coffee shops and hostels 'my studios', and sharing my paintings frequently online.

If I'm being completely honest, by the end of my travels I really was in need of some extra income. I turned to my art and began offering custom paintings of homes and pets as a way to remedy that. I knew that if I offered discounted rates, I would be able to build a portfolio and gain the experience that I felt was needed to be taken seriously and earn more from my art. Before I knew it, my community on Instagram booked me up! From there, I introduced "What to Paint Wednesday" where I would take suggestions on what new Cape Cod locations to paint. This helped me bolster my portfolio of art prints and explore new landmarks around my home. I would ship my art to the States and somehow, built an over ]-seas part time job for myself - Until.. the pandemic.

I'm so grateful for the uninterrupted time the pandemic gave me to really dive head first into this little art business I created. At home, I grew a closer bond to my community. By painting all things Cape Cod, I offered them a piece of this place they love so much while they were away. It was a really sweet experience to feel that type of connection during such a solemn and lonely time.

There was no choice but for me to lean into my art career. I didn't have the option of returning to any other work. I just kept painting and sharing. The two weeks of pop-ups I signed up for in the winter became months of consecutive weeks. Throughout those many days I would indulge in business education to really understand just how this whole art career thing worked!

Before I knew it, it was all really happening for me. My pop-ups allowed me to build a bridge between that connection online and within the community.

Next thing I knew, my business was growing SO fast. In 2021, I made an appointment with a realtor to explore studio location opportunities. In my search, I came across a commercial space that could offer so much more than I imagined. And thus, Sunset Artist Studios came to be. It is unreal that I was able to purchase my very own property just a year and a half after "going full time", and just a year and a half since I was a broke 25 year old traveler....

In 2022, after closing on the property, I dove head first into my own renovation project. The space was a former run-down campaign office, and it was my goal to turn it into a warm, bright, and cozy Community Arts Space. Between pop-ups and daily tasks, I would head over to 'The Studios' get to work. In June of 2023, I officially opened! I rent out one of the rooms to a dear and talented friend, Allie Richards, for her photography studio. I also have a space to sell my art year round, and I invite the community in to attend art classes! This space is a true accumulation of everything I've worked for - creativity, connection, and community.

As I head into this fourth year of business, I have a large and well loved collection of art prints, stationery, coloring books, stickers and original paintings. I spend my summers living my dream and selling my art on the MacMillian Pier in Provincetown. I work out of and manage my own Community Arts Space. And the best part? My career as an artist has continued to allow me to travel all around the world.

I still can't really believe where I am today. It's a funny thing turning a hobby into a business. It's hard to not still view my art as the 19 year old that I was when I first started. Despite the thousands of sales, recognitions, and endless connections - I will always feel that deep connection to my work, that is truly my heart and soul. I'm so proud of everything that I've created for myself and the work that I put into it, but at the end of the day I'm really just a painter who will always be painting whether it is my job or not. But dang, it's really pretty sweet to call this my career.

Hey fellow art lovers...

I'm so lucky to have you in my corner.

A corner that is filled with beauty and overflowing with inspiration, grounded in coastal roots, and decorated with paint stained table tops and dried up palettes.

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