Contact Irene for Custom Painting Inquiries

If you are interested in commissioning an original painting continue by filling out the form below.

I create 8”x10” watercolor and ink paintings which begin at $200. Dog or home portraits begin at $225. I can also paint larger, these 11”x14” paintings start at $230 and $255 respectively. As long as this sounds good, I invite you to send me ideas and photos you’d like to use. Either we can create a painting based off a specific image or work with a few photos to make the perfect composition. Once we confirm the subject and composition, then I will send you a sketch to approve. Once approved, I will accurately quote the commission.

I ask for payment up front, either with Venmo or as a transaction completed through my online shop.

I’ll keep you informed and up to date with my progress through message and Instagram stories so you feel a part of the journey!

It is important to note when you would like this custom artwork by. Depending on my schedule, I can complete paintings within 2/3 weeks!

So if you would like to get started on creating a custom piece, I’m happy to begin this with you.

It has been so incredibly fulfilling to share my passion and create art for those that seek an original piece.
I look forward to bringing your visions to life!
"When you support a small business, you support a dream"